Boho Throws

Comfortable Boho cotton blankets

These blankets perfectly combine comfort and aesthetics. Created with love, our Boho Comfort Throws are made from 100% cotton. That’s right, it’s not just comfort, it’s also quality! Expect a soft, touchable texture that you will love, as well as the kind of durability that ensures these blankets will grace your home for many years to come. With a generous size of 140x200cm, they’re not just blankets; they’re generous, comfortable and very cozy.

Our Boho Comfort Throws are available in a tempting range of six captivating color combinations. They are the perfect match for any interior decor or personal style. They’re not just blankets; they’re the perfect canvas on which to paint your cozy dreams. Wrapped around a sofa, thrown casually on a bed or wrapped stylishly around you while you sip a coffee – our Boho Comfort Throws give you that touch of bohemia you are looking for.

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