Yoga and Festival Pants

We offer a complete collection of yoga and festival pants. Especially made in Nepal, these pants are soft, light, comfortable and irresistibly elegant.

These comfortable pants are perfect for yoga sessions, festivals or simply to relax with style.

Aladdin trousers with Himalayan print – Enter the world of magic and the mystical world with our aladdin style pants. These pants are inspired by Aladdin’s tales and the exotic Himalayan allures. Designed to provide comfort and freedom of movement, they are ideal for yoga enthusiasts and festival-goers who want to stand out from the crowd.

Fisherman pants with Mandala mantra – These pants are a fusion of Thai tradition and contemporary fashion. With intricate mantras and symbols, these pants capture the essence of mindfulness and meditation.

Whether you’re practicing yoga or plunging into the atmosphere of the festival, these pants are a unique choice. All pants are unisex and one-sized, which makes them perfect for most. These yoga and festival pants are delivered in a small cotton bag.

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