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Everything is a co-creation

Everything is co-creation/collaboration/partnership from a higher consciousness perspective.

Once we understand/embody this in our personal template (our own reality/body) with all our senses, our own relationship with God-Source Consciousness begins to shift/integrate/expand itself and we’re able to grasp more deeply and rejoice in the realization of what/how Oneness is/operates through us.

Everything is sacred, interconnected and not separate.

All is available through us.

We then set clear boundaries, we command/heal/see the field realigning itself in vibrational harmonization (love) as a response to our internal systems, and we learn to constantly re-direct/re-adjust/re-member our attention in order to communicate & share our needs in a way that serves all in a positive/meaningful way.

We become a walking gate of transparency, integrity and authenticity. Zero tolerance for anything less.

We allow creativity and imagination to flow through us without limits and fixed ideas.

We become malleable and curious in how doors and opportunities unlock just like magic.

The true wonder of a divine child observing nature itself.

This is how we can manifest/experience ease, grace & energetic alignment within all our external relationships – as we achieve/reach this balance & sacred space inside.

By doing so, we start seeing our reality fields for what they are, in how our own energy & frequency affects other constructs and realities, and we become conscious agents of change in this re-evolutionary process we are all part.

At Source Origins, we do our best each day to function from this place because we know this is the most important task above anything else, it’s the foundation and legacy we build to let available for others… and most important: it’s our motivation and inspiration on a daily basis that keep us busy while bringing to life a vision/company/business that’s based in a complete new consciousness, standards and values.

We look forward connecting with you from this sacred space!

Eternal Spirit Smiles,

Source Origins

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